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When I first started becoming more involved in backpacking and canoeing adventures, I never expected that I would become a wilderness cooking instructor, let alone a twice-published cookbook author. My third book is in the works and will be published by TouchWood Editions in 2014.

I remember those first trips, digging into a typical backpacking meal and thinking to myself, "there has to be a better way to deal with food in the backcountry". With that in mind I set out to learn everything I could about wilderness cooking and making trail meals that would be more enjoyable.

In talking with other outdoor adventure enthusiasts, I realized that many had the same question surrounding how to make delicious meals, with ease, on wilderness trips. It was with that in mind and a passion for great ingredients that I started writing a cookbook dedicated to trail food and backcountry cooking.

On the website you will find...

sample recipes for great trail food
printable and packable "at camp" instructions and tips for every recipe in each cookbook
information on where you can purchase these two cookbooks
a list of scheduled appearances such as book signings and backcountry cooking demonstrations
my direct contact information along with distribution and media contacts

While A Fork in the Trail has a wide variety of vegetarian options, Another Fork in the Trail is comprised entirely of vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free recipes. The book was released in May 2011 by Wilderness Press in the United States and TouchWood Editions in Canada.

I couldn't have written either of these wilderness cookbooks without the support of family, friends, backpackers, and canoeists. Your encouragement and inspiration during this endeavor made a world of difference. This has been a long journey, one which I have embraced. It is my hope that you enjoy my backcountry cookbooks as much as I did creating them.

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May your trips be as adventurous as your trail food is delicious!