about the author
I am an avid backpacker, hiker, and wilderness canoeist. So much so, that I have turned my passion into my career as owner and editor of the popular e-zines, OutdoorAdventureCanada.com and WildernessCooking.com.

I started my backcountry cooking adventures as a child camping with my big brother and mentor, Bruce. As a pre-teen, I took a 4-H outdoor living course which taught the basic foundations of roughing it, as well as how to preserve foods through dehydration. I host wilderness cooking workshops where I teach and support students who are learning the special skills needed to prepare food for their wilderness excursions. My first book, A Fork in the Trail, has been enjoyed by backpackers and paddlers around the globe. My second book, Another Fork in the Trail, was just released in May 2011. Recipe testing for my third camping cookbook is currently underway.

I'm not just an author and outdoorswoman; I am also a mom, wife, artist, and photographer. I live with my family in Brant County, Ontario, Canada, near the picturesque Grand River and the Great Lakes. Ontario's beautiful backcountry regions are perfect for backpacking, hiking, trail running, snowshoeing, and paddling with my husband Bryan, and my darling children Tobais and Kaia. Experiencing the wonder of nature through the eyes of my children is one of my greatest rewards.

I am a freelance writer for other publications and my articles have appeared in Seattle Backpackers Magazine, Washington Trails Association Magazine, The Muskoka Sun, The Ottawa Canoe Club Newsletter, and many others.

My blog, where you'll read posts about trail food, recipes and grocery store finds, can be found on wildernesscooking.com. I also have a Facebook page for my readers to connect with me or you can follow me on Twitter.

May your mountains be tall and your blisters be small.