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A Fork in the Trail (from the back cover)
Turn your backcountry meals into memorable events

Delicious food brings people together and satisfies outdoor adventurers after a hard day. With a guiding principle of "If you wouldn't eat it at home, then why eat it in the backcountry?" Laurie Ann March shares more than 200 lightweight, taste-tested recipes that will turn an ordinary outing into a gourmet adventure. Inspired by foods from all over the world, the recipes range from quick and easy to decadent, including some specifically designed to please children and canine companions.

Rounding out the book is advice on recipe creation, menu and meal planning, shopping for ingredients, dehydrating and rehydrating meals, packing food, and backcountry baking, plus a glossary of special ingredients. Whether you're backpacking, paddling, or car camping, A Fork in the Trail will change the way you eat outdoors.

Trail-friendly recipes from A Fork in the Trail include...
Breakfasts : 33 recipes including Tropical Couscous, Canadian Maple Blueberry Granola, Banana Breakfast Bars, Harvest Oatmeal Bars, Chai Tea Pancakes, Egyptian Bean Breakfast and French Toast.

Lunches: 27 recipes including Jasmine Rice and Shrimp Salad, Chicken and Apple Slaw, Broccoli Carrot Slaw, Roasted Red Pepper Hummus, Roasted Eggplant Spread, Warm Crab and Artichoke Dip, Chicken, Broccoli and Yellow Pepper Wrap, Cream of Potato and Roast Garlic Soup and Lentil Soup.

Snacks: 20 recipes including Hazelnut Currant Energy Bars, Cherry Almond Bark, Teriyaki Jerky, Pumpkin Pie Leather and Honey Mustard Gorp.

Dinners: 37 recipes including Hungarian Goulash, Chicken Pot Pie with Biscuits, Salmon Cakes, Chipotle Pork with Toasted Tortillas, Garlic Shrimp with Orange and Balsamic Sauce, Baja Chicken with Pinto Beans and Rice, Bean and Corn Tostada, Beef Stew and Dumplings, Minestrone, Couscous Primavera, Quinoa and Spinach Soup, Thai Pumpkin Soup and Vegetable Crisp.

Desserts and Baked Goods: 30 recipes including Blueberry-Orange Tea Cake, Mocha Moosey Mousse, Pear Berry Crumble, Blackberry Peach Cobbler, Nutty Monkey Fry Cookies, Black Forest Brownies, Cornbread and Herb and Olive Focaccia.

Beverages: 20 recipes including Mayan Hot Chocolate, Malted Mocha, Hot Butterscotch, Caramel Apple Chai, Backpacker's Power Breakfast, Infused Cider, Strawberry Lemonade and Wilderness Sun Tea. There are also a few recipes for those that are over 21.

For Children: 10 recipes including Yogurt Smoothie, Toasted Banana Wraps, Stuffed Pears and Apple Crisp Sandwich Cookies.

More Elaborate Meals: 26 recipes including Stuffed French Toast, Chicken Fajitas, Steak and Strawberries with Balsamic Reduction, Pasta with Artichoke Cream Sauce, Spinach Salad with Red Currant Vinaigrette, Cheese Tortellini Dinner Salad, Grilled Fruit Skewers, Raspberry S'mores and Pumpkin Pecan Bake.

Vegetarian Options: There is a wide selection of vegetarian recipes for trail food in the book. Recipes are clearly marked as vegetarian and in some of the non-vegetarian offerings there are tips on how to modify the recipe. Some ideas for replacing the meat in recipes is included in a section on ingredient substitutions.

Miscellaneous: Recipes for egg replacers and other ingredients and even three different treats for your trail dog.

Another Fork in the Trail (from the back cover)
Delicious backcountry meals that will expand your horizons

Having a vegetarian, vegan, or gluten-free lifestyle doesn't mean sacrificing taste or nutrition on the trail. In this sequel to A Fork in the Trail, Laurie Ann March shares more that 160 lightweight, trail-tested recipes.

Another Fork in the Trail contains invaluable information on menu and meal planning, recipe creation, ingredient substitutions, dehydrating and rehydrating meals, and backcountry baking with gluten-free alternatives. The recipe creation section will help teach you what you need to turn some of your own favorites into great trail food.

Whether you're a backpacker, paddler, or car camper, the recipes in Another Fork in the Trail will enhance your self-propelled adventures.

Trail-friendly recipes from Another Fork in the Trail include...
Breakfasts : 30 recipes including Carrot Cake Quinoa Flakes, Chia Banana Nut Crunch Oatmeal, Goji Berry Agave Granola, Pumpkin Pecan Breakfast Muffins, Earl Grey and Apple Pancakes, and Spiced Breakfast Dal.

Lunches: 23 recipes including Jicama, Savoy Cabbage and Mango Slaw, Smokey Lentil Pâté, Olive Tapenade, Pumpkin Hummus, Greek Red Pepper Dip, Indian Carrot Salad, Toasted Quinoa Tabbouleh with Black Lentils, and Gazpacho.

Snacks: 28 recipes including Maple Sugared Walnuts, Tropical Kiwi Trail Cookies, Lime and Black Pepper Roasted Chickpeas, Roasted Nut and Mango Energy Bars, Balsamic and Basil Bagel Crisps, and Tofu Jerky.

Dinners: 29 recipes including Unstuffed Peppers with Quinoa, Chana Masala, Roasted Ratatouille, Pasta alla Putanesca, Four Pepper Chili, Autumn Harvest Chili, Mushroom Burgundy, Greek Lentils, Nacho Pizza, Israeli Couscous with Eggplant, Walnuts, and Feta and Vegetable and Cashew Stir-fry.

Desserts and Baked Goods: 21 recipes including Cherry Hazelnut Wild Rice Fry Cookies, Portuguese Fig Fudge, Mayan Black Bean Brownies, Tropical Blondies, Winter Fruit Crumble, Monkey Bread, Chocolate Hazelnut Spirals, Quinoa Chickpea Spiced Fry Bread, and Focaccia with Caramelized Balsamic Onions and Rosemary.

Beverages: 20 recipes including Green Tea Chai Vanilla Latte, Lemon Ginger Hot Chocolate, Orange Spice Mocha, Berry White Hot Chocolate, Vanilla Almond Tropical Spiced Smoothie, and Blueberry Mango Lemonade. There are also a few recipes for those that are over 21.

More Elaborate Meals: 16 recipes including Pumpkin French Toast, Eggless Salad Wrap, Quinoa and Avocado Salad, Fire-roasted Moroccan Sweet Potato Salad, Spicy Black Bean Burgers with Guacamole, and Bananas Foster.

Gluten-free Options: There are a variety of gluten-free recipes in the book. Recipes are clearly marked as wheat-free and in some of the recipes containing gluten there are tips on how to modify the recipe. Some ideas for replacing the flour in recipes is included in a section on ingredient substitutions. Recipes include Sweet Apricot Pistachio Nut Muffins, Green Tea and Ginger Quinoa Pancakes, Biscuits, and Pizza Dough.

Miscellaneous: Recipes for egg replacers and other ingredients.

For more trail worthy recipes and Laurie Ann's blog please visit www.wildernesscooking.com.

Delicious food brings people together at the end of a hard day.