backcountry cooking related resources
Wilderness Cooking - backcountry cooking for backpackers and paddlers
and the home of my blog

Walton Feed - powdered eggs, butter, sour cream powder, etc.
Gibbs Wild Rice - instant wild rice, wild rice cereal
Just Tomatoes - freeze-dried fruits and vegetables
Sprouting - organic sprouting seeds - travel-sized food items
True Lemon - powdered lemon, orange and lime
King Arthur Flour - flour, yeasts, vanilla, mixes and other ingredients
The Spice House - spices, cheese powders
Huny Hunks - powdered honey
Survival Supply Canada - freeze-dried foods
Bauly Specialty Foods - freeze-dried foods including meatballs
Emergency Essentials - freeze-dried foods
Alpine Aire - dried fruits, vegetables, legumes, meats, cheese powders, mixes
Trader Joe's - dried fruits, mushrooms, nuts and snacks (US only)
Outdoor Gourmet Plein Air - freeze-dried chicken
Yogourmet Products - yogourt and Kéfir cultures

commercial foods
Mountain House - freeze-dried meals 
Mary Jane's Outpost - organic meals in friendly packaging
Alpine Aire Foods - freeze-dried meals 
Adventure Foods - backpacker meals
Richmoor/Natural High - freeze-dried meals and ingredients
Harvest Foodworks - dehydrated vegetarian meals
Cache Lake Quality Camp Foods - soups, chowders, dumplings and breakfasts
Backpacker's Pantry - freeze-dried meals and mixes for the Outback Oven™
Outdoor Gourmet Plein Air - freeze-dried meals and ingredients
Enertia Trail Foods - dehydrated meals
Packit Gourmet - generous two-serving meal packs

Trail Designs - makers of the Caldera Cone™
AntiGravityGear - a great selection of lightweight gear
Granite Gear - kitchen sink, water bucket and other great gear
MSR - stoves, pot sets, cutlery and serving utensils
GSI Outdoors - a variety of backcountry kitchen equipment
LOKSAK - waterproof and reusuable food safe storage
MiniBullDesign - alcohol stoves and accessories
Backpacker's Pantry - Outback Oven™ and accessories
Nesco/American Harvest - food dehydrators and accessories
UCO - stove stands, candle lanterns and the Grilliput™
White Box Stoves - alcohol stove
Fozzil Outdoor Containers - collapsible bowls, plates and cups

diy gear
Kraiker's Baker - plans for a reflector oven
Homemade Backpacking Gear by Jason Klass - plans for alcohol stoves, etc.
Trail Gear - plans for stoves and other backpacking gear
Zen Stoves - plans for alcohol stoves
Ultra Fine Backpacking - making your own condiment packs
Dave Hadfield's Practical Bush Gear - plans for a "grub box" or wannigan
The Green Pepper - patterns for outdoor gear
The Thru-Hiker - gear sewing tips

Leave No Trace - Canadian Site
Leave No Trace - US Site
Hinterland Who's Who - wildlife education and conservation
Friends of Temagami - helping preserve the Temagami waterways

Outdoor Adventure Canada - all things outdoor adventure related in Canada
Adventure Insider - for those looking to get away from civilization
Algonquin Adventures - backpacking & paddling in Algonquin Park, ON, Canada
Nature Skills - all about outdoor skills and some info on wild edilbles
Outdoor Basecamp - an online community

Seattle Backpackers Magazine - a regional backpacking publication
Gear Talk
- a blog by Jason Klass
Backpacker - the magazine
Hikemore - indepth hiking and gear info
The Backpacker - includes the trail talk forum
Backpacking Light - magazine for UL backpacking
Practical Backpacking - a forum for discussing backpacking
The Beginner's Guide to Backpacking - tips on backpacking, food, etc.

Canadian Canoe Museum - celebrating Canada's canoe heritage - has a great beginner's guide - a general paddling site with lots of good information
Quiet Journey - Quetico and the BWCA
Ottertooth - canoeing in Temagami
Ted's Outdoor Pages - canoe tripping and winter camping

Foraging with the Wildman - NYC's favorite naturalist, "Wildman" Steve Brill
Outdoor Bloggers - tips on creating your own outdoor blog
Light Trail Food - a yahoo group that discusses lightweight food options

The Fork in the Trail series will change the way you eat outdoors and you'll be creating trail food that will make your campmates drool.